The summary of the Krav Maga Network black and brown belt exams by Łukasz Osiecki:
"On the 10th and 11th of January two exams took place in Warsaw: for the brown and black belt, respectively. The exams were supervised by Master Jyrki Saario and Istvan Nagy. Łukasz Osiecki and Tomasz Borek also had the privilege to be among the examiners. The event took 6 hours each day as the participants needed to present every technique in the Krav Maga Network program. Similarly as in the Fighting Fit Krav Maga Challenge contest, the exam ended with sparring matches between participants."

The exam was attended by:
Black belt:

  • Ilari Saukkonen (FIN)
  • Juho Honkala (FIN)
  • Niko Tarvainen (FIN)
  • Tomasz Szczepanik (POL)
  • Agnieszka Ferenc (POL)
  • Waldemar Młynarczyk (POL)

Brown belt:

  • Piotr Karpiuk (POL)
  • Michał Zbrojewicz (POL)
  • Antoni Kryński (POL)
  • Paweł Piotrowski (POL)
  • Damian Kudła (POL)
  • Łukasz Jawor (POL)
  • Bartłomiej Dobrowolski (POL)
  • Tomasz Suder (POL)
  • Bogusław Dziewański (POL)
  • Paweł Szczepański (POL)
  • Konrad Gajdowski (POL)

All of the participants showed strong commitment and a will to fight. The effects of their efforts can b e seen on the polish channel: ORANGE SPORT TV in the Fight Report segment (link available here).
The test, lasting two days, resulted in six new black belt holders. The brown belt holders will have a chance to receive their black belts next year.


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